Infants and children

Family travel becomes easy!

XL Airways is an ally of choice for families on vacation! Whether you are travelling as a couple or with the whole clan in tow, we support you at every stage of your journey.

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How to book a ticket for your baby?

Children under the age of 2 are considered infants.If the child reaches his second birthday before the way back, he/she will be considered as an infant on the outbound flight and child on the inbound flight.

Such bookings cannot be made through our website. Please contact our call center so they can assist you with your request. Please dial 1-877-496-9889, from Monday to Sunday 9 am to 11pm.

To travel, they must be accompanied by an able-bodied adult, unless travelling with their parents, who may be minors. Each infant must have its own accompanying person (to travel with two babies, two ac-companying persons are required).

For regular flights (ticket number beginning 473- ), the price for a baby passenger is set at 10% of the applicable adult rate excluding tax. The child does not occupy his/her own seat. He/she travels on the lap of his/her accompanying person.

Carrycot request

For your comfort, and that of your baby, carrycots are available on all long-haul flights. Baby bassinet may be used by children aged 9 months or less at the time of the travel, so that they can lie down during the flight. As the availability of these carrycots is limited, we would invite you to request one when making your reservation, whether it be through our call center or through your travel agent. If you already have a ticket, contact our teams using the online form.

Bagage allowance and accessories

Whether your child travels on your lap or in a carrycot, he or she is entitled to a baggage allowance of 10 kg / 22 lbs

Strollers, baby carriers, and car seats can be checked for free in addition to one bag if their weight do not exceed 15kg / 33 lbs. The item will be labeled and taken at check-in. If you have an hyper compact stroller whose dimensions do not exceed H 44cm x W 52cm X D 22cm (17,3in x 20,4in x 8,6in) (once folded), you can keep it until you board the plane.

Example of hyper compact stroller

Only the first baby transport item (stroller, baby carrier, or car seat) can be checked for free. Any additional item related to your baby's comfort will be subject to a $58 / €50 fee. If you do not check any baggage for your baby, you can take two items related to your baby's comfort, such as a stroller and a car seat, free of charge.

Please note: You may carry on a certified car seat only if you have purchased a seat for your baby. Otherwise, the baby must be seated on an adult's lap.


Important: baby tickets do not include a meal tray. You should therefore bring with you the food your child will need during the flight (jars of baby food, bottles of formula, rusks, etc.). Our flight crew will provide you with the water you need to prepare feeding bottles and heat them up for you.



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Children are passengers aged 2 or over who have not yet reached their 12th birthday.

  • If your child is less than 5 years old, he/she must be accompanied by one of his parents (mother or father) or a designated accompanying adult.
  • Between his/her 5th birthday and the day before his/her 12th birthday, he/she may travel accompanied by his/her parents or a designated accompanying adult. Alternatively, he/she may travel alone, in which case he/she will receive the Unaccompanied Minors (UM) service.

Your child's ticket includes the same baggage allowance as an adult ticket.

More information on baggage

Child at the airport

Unaccompanied minors

On XL Airways, travelling alone is child's play!

The "UM" (unaccompanied minor) service is available for children aged 5 up to the eve of their twelfth birthday. It includes personalized support from the airport of departure right up until arrival at the destination. It is available only on direct flights (e.g. New York to Paris) or transit flights without aircraft change (e.g. Paris to Réunion Island with a technical stop in Lyon), and is subject to a quota.

How to book: This service cannot be reserved via our website. Please contact our call center on 1-877-496-9889 to check availability and make a reservation.

Before departure: Once the reservation is confirmed, please download the forms below. Fill-in all sections and print them as they must be presented at the check-in counter on the day of departure. One form must be completed for each child traveling alone.

Unaccompanied Minor Service Form (fill-in and print 3 copies of this form)

Unaccompanied Minor Undertaking Letter (fill-in and print 1 copy of this form)

Authorization to leave the country (fill-in and print Cerfa n°15646*01, only applicable for French minors or foreign minors residing in France who are traveling outside of France.)

At the airport:

Check-in for young passengers traveling alone takes places at the XL Airways counters at the airport and must be completed at least 2 hours before the last check-in time.

All above-listed documents (Unaccompanied Minor Form, Undertaking letter and Authorization to leave the territory) must be submitted upon check-in. Make sure you print them before heading to the airport.

Useful tips
  • If you wish to buy a ticket for a baby under 24 months old 

>>> You can buy directly the ticket on our website.

  • If you wish to book a carrycot for your baby

>>> Please fill the following online application form.

  • Your child of more than 12 years travels alone and does not need any assistance

>>> Very easy. You can buy directly the ticket on our website.

  • You wish that your child over the age of 12 years receives assistance

>>> Please dial 1-877-496-98-89 from the USA.