Excess baggage

Our excess baggage policy

Your baggage allowance is calculated on the basis of the piece concept, which determines the number of baggage items permitted per passenger. If you exceed the maximum number of items or the maximum permissible weight per item, you must pay a surcharge.


Baggage fees applicable at the airport

  • If you wish to travel with an additional item of luggage, you will be charged a fee of  $110 / 100€  at the airport.  
  • If your baggage exceeds the maximum weight per item (44 lb / 20 kg, or 50 lb / 23 kg on flights from/to French overseas departments (DOM)), you will be asked to pay a surcharge of  $11 / 10€ per additional kilogram.

Under the current regulations, each baggage item (including excess) must weigh no more than 70 lb / 32 kg. Items weighing more than this will not be accepted.

The total weight of excess baggage must not exceed 220 lb / 100 kg per passenger, however many items of baggage the passenger is travelling with.

Book your extra baggage online and save 33$

You can also reserve extra baggage items when you purchase your ticket, or at any time up to 24 hours before the scheduled departure of your flight from Manage my booking page. This will save you 33$ compared to paying at the airport !