Will my animal travel in cabin or in hold ?

You can travel with your oudorless cat or dog on board XL Airways flight cabin if they weigh less than 7kg/15.43lb (bag or cabin cage included). They need to travel in a closed soft bag that is approved for air travel or in a closed cage approved for air travel, the dimensions of which must not exceed 55 X 40 X 23 cm (21.54 X 15.54 X 9.05 in). When you arrive at the airport, your pet will be weighed in this con-tainer to check that it is within the maximum permissible weight. During the flight, your pet is your re-sponsibility, and must be kept in its container, which must be placed under your seat.


If they weigh more than 7kg/15.43lb, they will need to travel in the hold, in a pressurized compartment with venti-lation and heating.

Animals may be carried in the hold subject to their being in a suitable cage, approved for air travel (ma-terials, closing mechanism). For further details, please see Regulations and Conditions of Carriage.

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