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Treat yourself to a gourmet meal above the clouds

Eating is nice, but feasting is better!

Choosing XL Airways means never travelling hungry: a meal is always including with your ticket.

We know that eating is nice, but that feasting is much better. This is why we’ve also thought of a few more original meals, for the food lovers among us.

These meals can be reserved online up to 96 hours before departure. So don’t wait until the last minute to make a reservation!

#1  Street Food Menu by Annabelle Schachmes


menu street food




“I wanted to give you a “high-end” taste of real New York street food by creating this meal with the XL Airways teams. We start off with a fresh and crispy Caesar Salad, followed by an appetizing toasted bagel with chicken, cream cheese and a savory honey mustard sauce. And no meal would be complete without real New York cheesecake, with its delightfully tasty red berry sauce. In addition, a bag of Tyrrell’s lightly-salted potato chips is offered with the meal. These chips are made from the English potato varieties Lady Claire and Lady Rosetta and will add a nice crunch to your meal. For drinks, there is soda, beer, wine...the choice is yours!” 

Street Food Menu by Annabelle Schachmes: 16€, choice of drink included.
Available on all flights leaving Paris, and some flights from airports outside Paris.


#2 That's not all...

Spanish Menu*

Starter: tapas and raw ham
Main Course: Seefood paella, chorizo and chicken
Dessert: fresh melon
Drinks: choice of wine, beer, fruit juice or soda

Italian Menu**

Starter: olive-oil grilled vegetable salad and tomatoes and mozzarella
Main Course: Milanese schnitzel, risotto with mushrooms and Mediterranean vegetables
Dessert: panacotta with red fruits
Drinks: choice of wine, beer, fruit juice or soda

Oriental Menu*

Starter: Libanese Mezze
Main Course: Oriental-style chicken with spiced rice and sautéed vegetables
Dessert: Arabic pastries and fresh melon
Drinks: choice of wine, beer, fruit juice or soda

Southwest France Menu*

Starter: semi-cooked duck foie-gras and mango chutney
Main Course: duck leg confit with sautéed potatoes
Dessert: caramelized nuts tart
Drinks: choice of wine, beer, fruit juice or soda

*The pictures shown are not contractual.
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