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How to opt out cookies ?

What is a cookie ?

In order to provide you with the best possible service, the website uses "cookies".

A cookie is a simple text file placed on or read by your computer or mobile device which can be used, for example, to keep a record of your browsing activity, Internet searches and preferences, or retain information during online booking. Thanks to the cookies we use, every time you visit our website, the settings you chose in previous sessions are remembered and your browsing experience is enhanced as a result. Depending on the country, the cookies used may vary. The information they contain can only be modified by the issuer of the cookie.

You can, however, choose not to accept cookies. Your web browser settings allow you to select which cookies you are happy to have installed on your computer or mobile device.

If you have not configured your browser and continue to visit the website, you are assumed to accept that cookies can be installed on your computer or device. You are nonetheless entitled to alter your browser's cookie settings each time you visit the website.

We set out in detail below the various types of cookie used on our website.


Cookies that are essential for web browsing

Some cookies are regarded as essential for web browsing. Without them, browsing on the website is disjointed and it is impossible to access certain services.

These cookies are intended for use of the main features of our website, such as displaying sales and statutory information related to your tickets or transport, accessing your booking data, purchasing tickets and tracking the website viewed before viewing our website. These cookies do not collect personal information.

The cookies enable us to keep a record of advertisements, to see how many web users have clicked on them and where they browsed subsequently. This enables us to pay the various parties involved in the distribution of these adverts. They also enable us to maintain statistics.

If you opt to disable these cookies, you will not be able to access certain website features, such as booking services, ticket purchasing, viewing your booking(s) and other features. This may prevent us from providing pre-contractual information, for which we cannot then be held responsible.


Performance cookies

So-called "performance cookies" are intended to help us understand how our site is used by web users, make it more efficient and in particular, assess the performance of our advertising campaigns. They let us know, for example, how long you stay on a particular page on the website, the number of visits per page, the number of error messages and the number of clicks made in different areas of the site.

These cookies also allow us to establish statistics, to determine the volume of traffic on the site and provide us with feedback on ergonomics and usability in order to improve user experience.

They equally enable us to correct any technical problems that may arise.

You can disable them without any impact on your browsing.


Personalisation cookies

So-called "personalisation" cookies remember the website as it was on your last visit, or almost. They record your choices and preferences, especially as regards cookies, but also cover items such as the language of the browser used, the location from which you are viewing the website, the browser used, the screen resolution, the operating system used and the content of your last search, which enables us to pre-fill certain elements in any new search.

You can disable these cookies but some pages may not be displayed correctly and it will therefore be impossible for us to provide you with a website that features your preferred settings.


Targeting cookies and targeted advertising cookies

Targeted advertising cookies tell us how effective the advertising campaigns run with our partners have been. Our advertising partners are therefore provided with the results of these advertising effectiveness surveys. Furthermore, with our agreement, advertisers can store cookies on your computer or mobile device in order to limit the appearance of adverts or measure the effectiveness of advertising campaigns.

As regards targeting cookies, these are intended to learn about you by recording the web pages you view on the site, but also web pages that you viewed during recent browsing sessions or just before visiting our site. They also help us promote our services and special offers, and adapt them in relation to your browsing or personalization

data and/or your personal data. These cookies are equally used to know if you have already purchased services on our website.

If there are several people using the same computer or mobile device, we cannot be sure that your settings will be applied.


Third-party cookies

In line with your settings, third-party companies can store cookies on your computer or mobile device. It is then the confidentiality policy of this company that applies.

The purpose of these cookies is as follows. They are used to:

  • Keep a record of the number of times advertising content has been displayed in our advertising spaces, identify the adverts displayed and the number of users that have clicked on each advert; this enables the sums due to be calculated and statistics to be created.
  • Recognise your computer or mobile device the next time you browse on any other website or service on which the third-party ad server has also placed cookies and, where applicable, adapt these websites and third-party services, or the adverts they display, to the browsing settings of your computer or mobile device.
  • Adapt the presentation of third-party content to the display preferences of your device (language used, screen resolution, operating system used, etc.).
  • Remember information contained in forms that you have filled in for these third parties (subscription to one of their services) or on products, services or information you have chosen from the relevant third party: purchase of service from a third party, etc.


How do you accept or refuse cookies?

Browsing on our website implies that you authorise us to install cookies on your computer or mobile device, unless you have configured your browser beforehand. If you browse the website without first configuring your web browser, you can still change the settings at any time.

The settings can be changed in your web browser. The following Internet addresses may be useful in accessing your browser settings:

Use your web browser's "help" option to block, enable or allow cookies, or to receive notifications.


To help you, here is a list of links to instructions about changing cookie settings for the most common web browsers:


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