I need a wheelchair and a mobility assistance

If you have access needs and require additional help for your journey, we provide 3 levels of wheelchair assistance  :

  • The passenger can manage the steps but requires a wheelchair for long distances at the airport.
  • The passenger can manage the steps or long distances. However, he can walk from the door of the aircraft up to his seat. Therefore, he will be taken to the aircraft in a wheelchair and carried up to the aircraft, if there is no direct access to the aircraft via a bridge.
  • The passenger is completely immobile and requires a wheelchair to/from the aircraft and must be carried up/down the steps and to/from their cabin seat.

You can book the 2 first services for free online while booking your flight or at Manage My Booking once you've finished booking your flight.

For any other request including the 3rd wheelchair level (assistance from check-in to the seat onboard the aircraft), carriage of an electric wheelchair, carriage of electrical medical equipment and other specific assistance requests, we recommend you to contact us at the latest 72 hours before your flight. All of these services must be requested via the contact form.

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