Last check before your trip

Before taking your flight, it is your responsibility to familiarise yourself with all the entry and visiting formalities for your destination country and to make sure you comply with them. This includes checking the validity dates of your identity documents and any visas required by the authorities.

Travel documents

Before making your way to the airport, make sure you have the following documents:

  • Your e-ticket or counterfoil;
  • Proof of purchase of any additional services you have paid for;
  • Your valid passport or identity card.

Child in the plane

Specific regulations for unaccompanied minors

From January 15th, 2017, an unaccompanied minor will not be allowed to leave France without parental authorization.
The authorization which allow to leave the territory need to be downloaded on the service-public website (printed Cerfa N ° 15646 * 01), filled out and signed.

A child who travels abroad alone must bring the following documents:

  • The child's identity document: identity card or passport
  • The parental authorization signed by one of the parents having parental authority
  • A photocopy of the identity document of the parent signing the form

The parental permission form will be required for all minors living in France, whatever their nationality.

Complete the unaccompanied minor form (official website)




Miami - ESTA

Specific regulations for travelers flying to the USA

Special provisions

If you are a European traveling to the United States, please read carefully the following provisions required by US authorities :

  • All passengers must be able to show a return ticket at check-in; it's imperative to have a paper copy of your journey memo.
  • All passengers, including child or infant, must be in possession of his own passport.


ESTA application

If you are travelling to the United States, you must submit a prior request for permission to travel via the ESTA (Electronic System for Travel Authorization). This formality should preferably be completed at least 72 hours before your departure. There is a fee, and the request must be made online.

Complete my ESTA application (official website)

    Advanced Passenger Information (APIS)

    U.S government authorities require that all airlines collect Advanced Passenger Information from all passengers prior to travel. You can provide this information when checking in, by completing the fields available for this purpose, or after check-in via the Manage my booking section.

    You will be asked to provide all or some of the following information :

    • all names (first, middle and last names) exactly as written in your passport
    • date of birth
    • gender
    • passport number and country of issue
    • passport expiry date
    • nationality

    In order to prepare as thoroughly as possible for your trip, XL Airways invites you to read the advice for travellers issued by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs.


    Additional information

    XL Airways shall not be held responsible for any consequences you suffer as a result of failing to ob-serve the obligations set out below. You must present all the entry, exit and transit papers, health docu-ments and other documents required by the law in force in the States concerned and allow us to make a copy of these documents, should we deem it necessary to do so.

    XL Airways reserves the right to refuse to carry any passenger if he/she is not in compliance with the laws and regulations in force or if his/her travel documents appear not to be in order or are tattered, damaged, or presented in several pieces.

    If XL Airways finds itself obliged to pay, or deposit money for, a fine or penalty, or incurs expenses of any kind, due to your failure, intentional or not, to comply with the law in force in the States concerned, your failure to present the documents required, or your presentation of non-compliant documents, you must reimburse the airline for these amounts. For the purposes of such reimbursements, XL Airways may use amounts paid for any journeys not made, or any amounts that you have paid to us.

    For further information on this subject, please see the General conditions of Carriage applicable to your flight.



    As well as entry and visiting formalities, it is your responsibility to ensure that you meet all the customs and health formalities of your destination country.

    Should you have any questions, please consult the customs authorities of France and/or your destination country.