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Celebrate carnival in Puerto Plata!

The atmosphere in Puerto Plata is electric during February. That's when the party starts! The tradition has been kept alive since the early 20th century. Every Sunday, locals and tourists alike gather to watch the parade. There's music, dancing, costumes, Creole food, and other cultural events. So don't wait, book now! Take advantage of the best fares on flights from Paris-CDG! 

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Discover Puerto Plata, otherwise known as La Novia del Átlantico, with flights from Paris-CDG. Choose the best option for you and fly Eco Prom, Eco Standard or Eco Flexible.

Enjoy one free checked bag and a hot meal on each flight. XL Airways operates several flights from January through April. Covering 4,430 miles (7,130 km), a flight from Paris to Puerto Plata takes about nine and a half hours. 

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