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XL Airways is happy to provide special assistance to disabled passengers.
In order to help you travel in comfort, XL Airways offers the following services:

  • Wheelchair assistance
  • Carriage of recognized assistance dogs in the cabin or in the hold.
  • Carriage of medical and mobility equipment.
  • The making of all reasonable efforts to allocate seating to meet the needs of passengers with reduced mobility.>
  • Assistance in moving to toilet facilities (including with the use of the on-board wheelchair) to the extent this assistance does not involve lifting or carrying the person.
  • The making of all reasonable efforts to place an accompanying person next to the passenger with reduced mobility.
  • On board, assistance by XL Airways’ Personnel in preparation for eating, such as opening packages and identifying food.

To help us serve you better, it is recommended that you contact us 48 hours before your flight but you have no obligation to do so.

If you have severe vision and hearing impairments or if wish to use your ventilator, respirator, continuous positive airway pressure machine or portable oxygen concentrator, you are required to give us 48 hours advance notice here or by phone: 1-877-496-9889 (in some cases it will be prohibited to hook up these equipements on board).

In some other cases complying with 14 CFR Part 382 you will be required to give us a 48 hours advance notice; please refer to our General conditions of carriage.
Special request can be made here or by phone: 1-877-496-9889.



At the airport and on board, our ground staff and cabin crew will give you the necessary assistance in order to make your trip as pleasant as




For some types of assistance, we offer the possibility to request it online directly, without using the contact form.

If you didn't book your ticket yet, you may find a page dedicated to services during the booking process (Step 2.Book-Choose services). You could let us know what you need in the Assistance and Special needs section.

If you already booked your ticket, you can request your special assistance via My booking. Select "Manage booking" > "Additionnal Services" > Assistance and Special needs.


You can book online the following services:

  • Wheelchair Ramp : you can manage the steps but requires a wheelchair for long distances at the airport.
  • Wheelchair Steps : you can't manage the steps of long distances but you can walk from the door of the aircraft up to your seat.
  • Assistance for traveler with visual impairment
  • Assistance for traveler with hearing impairment



Website accessibility means that all persons are able to access web content regardless of any disability, with a mouse or a keyboard, or through the use of specific technologies allowing them to cope with deficiencies.

XL Airways has upgraded its website to ensure compliance with accessibility standards. This upgrade only applies to our US website (
Accessibility settlement and tests are based on the WCAG 2.0 Web Content Accessibility Guidelines).



If you face any issues regarding accessibility or want to help us to improve it, feel free to contact us by email: We will then be able to manage the issue, send you an accessible version of the concerned document and help you with your request.