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Customer commitment

Customer commitment

XL Airways France intends to ensure that your air travel experience will encompass, to the best of our abilities, the most comprehensive customer service possible. We have outlined our responsibilities and how we will fulfill them in 12-key points, known as our Customer Commitment.

XL Airways France Customer Commitment is separate from the General Conditions Of carriage and includes:


1. Offer the lowest available fare

We will offer on http://www.xl.com/us and on our telephone reservation system the lowest published fare for which you are eligible for the date, flight, and class of service requested. If your travel schedule is flexible, ask our agent, he/she will be pleased to search a lower fare for you.


2. Notify customers of known delays, cancellations and diversions

To the best of our knowledge, we will provide full and timely information on the status of known delays, cancellations, and diversions by:

  • Provide our gate agents, flight crew and other appropriate personnel the information that we know about flight delays, cancellations and diversions;
  • Explain the reason for the delay, cancellation or diversion based on the information that we have;
  • Arrange up-dating of the information displayed at airport gates to show flight status; and
  • Make information on known delays, cancellations and diversions available if you call us and on our flight status page displayed on our website.

In some cases, we will take reasonable steps to contact customers at the phone number(s) provided in the reservation record. If you booked with a travel agency, and no contact number exists for you in our system, we will attempt to contact your travel agency. However, to avoid any difficulty in case of flight irregularity, we encourage you to provide us with a mobile phone number and email address so that we can give updates to you during your journey.


3. Deliver baggage on time

It’s our intention to deliver your baggage on time. If your checked bags are delayed or misplaced, we will make every reasonable effort to deliver your bags within 24 hours. If you have expenses because of baggage delay and are eligible to receive compensation, if you make necessity purchases (such as those for hygienic products or clothing) because your baggage was late, you have 21 days from the moment you receive your baggage to submit a reimbursement request (XL Airways France does not make cash advances). Simply send your receipts to the company’s baggage department at :

28 avenue Victor Hugo


TEL : +33184204223

If you paid a fee for your baggage and this baggage is lost, we will refund the fee you paid. To facilitate a quick refund, please provide us with the receipt issued by our staff for such fee.


4. Allow reservations to be cancelled for a certain period after purchase

On www.xl.com/uswebsite and for flights from/to te USA where travel is more than one week from the date of purchase, we will allow you to hold your reservation at the quoted fare for twenty-four hours without payment. If you choose this option, make sure to note your booking reservation number which will be needed to issue your ticket within 24 hours. After that time, your reservation will be cancelled and the quoted fare will no longer be available.


5. Provide prompt ticket refund

XL AIRWAYS France will strive to process eligible refunds in the time frames set out below, upon receipt of all required information.
For electronic tickets and optional products and services purchased the same day within the U.S. with a credit card, refunds will be provided promptly, within seven business days after receiving a complete refund request, in accordance with federal regulations. (The credit card refund may take up to two billing cycles before appearing on a credit card statement, so you should contact your credit card company directly to verify receipt of the credit.) For all eligible and electronic tickets and optional products and services purchased the same day within the U.S. with cash or check, refunds will be provided within 20 days after receiving a complete refund request.

When refunds are allowed, we will process requests in a timely manner and refund to the original form of payment
the purchase price, less any applicable service fees and/or the carrier-imposed charges depending on the fare basis applicable to your ticket.For tickets purchased through travel agencies, you must contact the agency to process the refund. In any other cases, refund requests should be sent to the following address:

Service Relations Clientèle
95727 Roissy Charles de Gaulle Cedex

Refunds for credit card purchases will be made only to the credit card account.

For any Refund Request please provide :

  • Valid ticket or optional products and services receipt submitted to us before expiration date (tickets and optional services expire one year from the date of issue)
  • Original unused flight coupons
  • Ticket number for electronic tickets
  • Brief written explanation
  • Your name, address, and telephone number(s)
  • BIC (Bank Identifier Code) or SWFIT Code
  • Form of payment used to purchase the ticket

Please make sure you have cancelled your reservation before requesting a refund.

Additional information, please contact :

From Monday to Friday 9.00 am to 6.00 pm local time
USA: 877.496.98.89 (toll free number)

Call Center-France Every Days 8.00 am to 08.00 pm local time
From France : 0892 692 123 (Euros 0.34/min)
From Foreign countries to France : +33 322 19 25 04 (Intl.call)

Refund includes refunding fees charged to a passenger for optional services that the passenger was unable to use due to an over sale situation or flight cancellation.


6. Accommodate customers with special needs

XL Airways  France  will assist passengers with special needs, such as those travelling with infants, accompanied minors, expectant mothers, customers with disabilities pursuant to 14 CFR Part 382 as far as flights from/to the USA are concerned .

More information regarding special assistance when travelling is available in our Special Assistance section and in the General conditions of carriage.


7. Meet customers’ essential needs during lengthy tarmac delays

Our top priority is the safety and well-being of our customers, and we are focused on having all our flights arrive and deplane on schedule. On very rare occasions, there may be extraordinary events that result in very lengthy onboard delays. These are situations in which an aircraft is delayed on the ground (other than on an active runway or taxiway) but does not have access to a terminal gate for more than two hours. We have developed detailed contingency plans at every domestic airport to address these situations.

The Duty Manager from the headquarters coordinates activities and communicates with our central operations team. In such events, he will make every reasonable efforts to ensure your essential needs, such as snack food, water, restroom facilities, and basic medical assistance, are met.

Every XL Airways airport ground staff has an operational contingency plan in place to address these needs, which includes coordination with the local airport authorities.

Tarmac Delay Plan


8. Treat passengers fairly and consistently in the case of oversales

Occasionally we may not be able to provide you with a seat on a specific flight, even if you hold a ticket and have checked in on time. This is called an oversale, and occurs when restrictions apply to operating a particular flight safely (such as aircraft weight limits); when we have to substitute a smaller aircraft in place of a larger aircraft that was originally scheduled; or if more customers have checked in and are prepared to board than we have available seats.

If a flight is oversold (more passengers hold confirmed reservations than there are seats available), no one may be denied boarding against his or her will until airline personnel first ask for volunteers who will give up their reservation willingly, in exchange for compensation of the airline’s choosing.

If there are not enough volunteers, other passengers may be denied boarding involuntarily in accordance with the following boarding priority of XL Airways France: attention shall be priorily given to passengers with special needs such as children traveling alone (unaccompanied minors and children under 18), passengers with disabilities, passengers traveling in Galaxie class, families traveling with children under 12, groups, passengers having a connecting flight on XL Airways France flights, etc..

If you are not a member of one of these categories and you are not volunteer to be "bumped", you may however be priorily denied boarding if you are one of the latest passengers to be checked-in or if you travel without checked-in luggage.

We make complete rules for the payment of compensation, as well as our policy about boarding priorities, available at airports we serve. We will follow these rules to ensure you are treated fairly. Please be aware that if you do not check in on-time or do not meet certain other requirements you may be denied boarding without compensation.


9. Disclose travel itinerary, cancellation policies and aircraft configuration

We will give you clear information about policies and service aspects that may be important to you on our website and, when you ask, through our telephone reservations staff and our representatives at the airport. This means providing clear information about:

If your flight is cancelled or delayed we will keep you informed, and if you have a connecting flight on the same ticket we will assist with arrangements for your next flight. If we are unable to make such arrangements that are suitable, you will be provided with a full refund for your missed connection.

For aircraft seating configuration and lavatory availability view our Fleetpage;

No frequent flyer program is available at this time.


10. Flight information

In case of irregularities, XL Airways publishes a direct link from the website (See Flight Status section )and informs travel agencies. Please consult our website at regular intervals and do not forget to inactivate your pop-up blocker.


11. Ensure responsiveness to customer complaints

We respond quickly to our customers’ complaints. If you have a complaint regarding our services or our product, we want to hear from you. Information about where to direct your written complaint is on our website (Customer Service). We will acknowledge written complaints within 30 days of receipt and we will send a substantive response within 60 days of receiving your written complaint.

For all claims, please write to the XL Airways France Customer Relations Department:

XL Airways France
Service Relations Clientèle Passagers
BP 13760
95727 Roissy Charles de Gaulle Cedex

Phone number: +33 009 69 32 09 12 (Intl.call)
From USA: 877-496-9889 (Toll Free)

We will be pleased to answer your question by phone or email but should you need to receive a substantive response, write in to us with all original documents enclosed.

You may also bring your concerns to the attention of the U.S. Department of Transportation, whose phone number, internet and mailing adresses are below:


Aviation Consumer Protection Division, C-75
U.S. Department of Transportation
1200 New Jersey Ave., S.E.
Washington, D.C. 20590
Ph: 202-366-2220 (TTY 202-366-0511)


12. Provide services to mitigate inconveniences resulting from cancellations

In order to reduce any inconvenience you experience during cancellations, we will:

  • Do our best to contact you in advance regarding a flight cancellation using the contact information in your reservation;
  • Work to confirm you on the next flight we operate that has seats available in the same class of service when rebooking is necessary;
  • Make available information about your rebooking through our call center

In order to reduce any inconvenience you experience during misconnections on several XL Airways France’s flights, we will:

  • Work to confirm you on the next flight we operate that has seats available in the same class of service when rebooking is necessary;
  • Make available information about your rebooking through our ground staff at the airport.

If you travel with another airline, we won’t be able to assist you in case of misconnection.