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Identity documents and administrative formalities

XL Airways France reminds you that Passengers are ultimately responsible for obtaining all the documents required for their journey. For that purpose, you are recommended to consult the following web-sites:

Advice for travellers:

Action on Visas:

All Passengers must be in possession of valid identity papers with respect to their final destination and transit stations (in certain cases), including visas and any special authorisations which may be required by the applicable legislation in the state of departure, of destination or of transit. According to your nationality, XL Airways France recommends you to check with your travel agent or Tour Operator or the country’s embassy or consulate before your departure.

For flights to the United States, a US Visa or a request for authorisation to travel (ESTA) is required for non-US citizens:
XL Airways France can accept no responsibility for any consequences which might be incurred due to failure to comply with the obligations mentioned above. You will have to show all entry, exit and transit documents, health and other documents required by the legislation applicable in the states concerned and allow us to take copies, if necessary, as we see fit.

XL Airways France reserves the right to refuse to carry any Passenger if he/she is not in order with the applicable laws and regulations or if their travel documents do not appear to be in order.

If XL Airways France has to pay or to deposit a fine or penalty or to incur costs of any sort due to an infringement, whether intentional or not, of the applicable legislation in the states concerned, or due to the failure to present the documents required, or in the event of presentation of documents which are not in order, you must refund XL Airways France for all the sums paid or deposited and all costs thus incurred.


Customs formalities

Please be aware that each Passenger is responsible for ensuring that he/she is in order with customs, administrative and health formalities and, to that effect, you are advised to check the following web-sites and if necessary, to check with your travel agent or tour-operator:

French Customs:
Telephone: +33 (0) 811 20 44 44 (0.12 €/min incl.-VAT) Monday to Friday, 8.30 am to 6.00 pm.
Web-site: www.douane.gouv.fr


Important Information

The above information is provided as advice only. It is up to each traveller to check with the appropriate authorities, the documents required to gain entry and to stay in the country of destination on the date of the journey.


The general conditions of carriage are applicable to your flight, please refer to that document which is an integral part of your contract of carriage.