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You must declare the presence of your animal as soon as you book your flight

In order to carry an animal on board one of our aircraft, you must ask our Customer Relations Department at least 7 days before departure.

XL Airways France reserves the right, however, to refuse to carry an animal if it considers that the safety of the aircraft, the people on board or their belongings cannot be guaranteed. When you book your journey, or when you buy your ticket, remember to tell your travel agent or your Tour Operator that you will be travelling with your pet. The number of animals accepted on board is limited.

The Passenger is responsible for obtaining all the travel documents necessary for the animal including in particular its up-to-date vaccination book, the animal’s passport, its certificate of good health and any other entry/exit document for the nation of destination.
Your animal’s health book must be up-to-date, do not forget to take it with you. If your animal is particularly timid, nervous, or subject to travel sickness, speak to your vet who can, if necessary, prescribe a suitable sedative.


Will your animal travel in the cabin or in the hold? 

In the cabin (cats and dogs only):
Only small non-smelling pets (cats and dogs) under 7 kg are admitted inside the cabin, in a closed bag which is approved for air transport. The bag must be bought before your journey. The animal remains under the responsibility of the Passenger and must be kept in its closed container under the seat. The animal must be at least 4 months old (in order to protect its health), be tattooed and the Passenger must be in possession of a health certificate issued by a vet. You will be asked to sign a disclaimer and to show the vet’s certificates required by the departure, destination and/or transit states.

Guide dogs are accepted in the cabin on departure from airports in the European Union and on departure from non European Union states and destined for the EU.

Beyond the maximum weight authorised in the cabin, your animal will have to travel in the hold.

In the hold (cats and dogs only):
The hold is ventilated, pressurised and heated. Animals may be carried in the hold providing they are in a specific cage intended for transport by air (materials, locking mechanism in particular) and subject to the possible payment of a surcharge. 

For flights not operated by XL Airways France (Windjet, Orbest, Air Transat), and excepting for service animals, animals are forbidden in cabin or hold.
For flights to and from Mexico, animals should travel in the hold, with the exception of service animals which are autorized in cabin.
What cage should you use?

For your animal’s comfort during the flight, the transport cage must be ventilated and large enough for your animal to be able to turn about normally while standing and lie in a natural position. It must not, however, be so large that your animal can be injured when the cage is handled.
Your cage must be approved and impact resistant. It must also be fitted with metal locking mechanisms. Additionally, we recommend that you reinforce all the corners of the cage to ensure that the mesh will not separate from the cage. To do this, you can use brown adhesive tape and "tyrap" type fasteners, which are available in all do-it-yourself stores.

If your cage does not meet these requirements, your animal will not be admitted on board.

Padlocks are prohibited for safety reasons. Inside the cage you must write the animal’s name, its tattoo number, your name, your telephone number as well as your home address and that of your destination.


If you are travelling outside France

Check with the consulate of the state of your destination, about the documents required for your animal to be admitted to that state (vaccinations, specific certificate, any quarantine or other restrictions).

Check the time of arrival of your flight at the destination airport; as in the event of a late arrival, at week-ends or on bank holidays, customs and veterinary services may be closed.

Transport of dogs classified as dangerous
In accordance with the law, the carriage of category 1 dogs (attack dogs) is prohibited on board, irrespective of the type transport (hold, freight or cabin).
For the carriage of dangerous dogs (category 2) and wild animals or certain protected species, enquire with the ministry of agriculture or of finance (customs).

Carriage of animals other than cats and dogs
No other animals are admitted on board XL Airways France flights (hold or cabin).