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Charter series
The main French tour operators and consolidators trust the expertise of XL Airways France for its annual, seasonal and punctual flight programs ; Air Masters, Club Med, Crystal TO, Donatello, Isram, Italowcost, Jet tours, Karavel-Promovacances, Kuoni, Look Voyages, Marmara, Nouvelles Frontières, Promovols-Promoséjours, Thomas Cook, Top of Travel, Touriscope, Vacances Héliades, Vacances Transat, Vivatours are the leaders in the French tourism industry. These companies appreciate the flexibility, reactivity and professionalism of XL Airways France.



XL Airways France also extends its services to other airlines for the provision of aircrafts and crew. Whether it is a last minute flight, a week or month mission, or for a seasonal contract, XL Airways France can provide this service to other airlines with a timely and efficient manner.


Ad Hoc Flights

XL Airways France is able to provide different types of ad hoc flights. These include private journey for companies, sporting clubs, and any other entity that may require private air transportation. XL Airways France always offers unique features to its customers.Air Charter Service, Air Charter Connections, Air Partner, Avico, Chapman Freeborn, Goodwill and Negoc’Air are the main European brokers that trust the expertise of XL Airways France.