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Also known as the ‘Gateway to the Americas’, Miami is the most famous city in Florida. Cosmopolitan Miami is the place where American and Caribbean culture meet, mainly thanks to the influence of the Cuban and Haitian communities. The city is known for its vibrant nightlife and soft, sandy beaches. But this is not Miami's only charm. You simply have to stroll down the streets of Coconut Grove, through the parks of Little Havana and down South Beach promenade to experience the diversity of this bustling city and its superb quality of life.


Its special features


Miami is the main centre of an urban area that is home to over 5,500,000 people. Its inhabitants, known as Miamians, make up the 8th biggest urban area in the US.



US English is the official language of Miami. Spanish is the second most widely-spoken language.



The official currency of Miami is the dollar.


Miami view from the sky