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Economy class

Long-haul flights

Lunch or dinner

On all long-haul flights an hot meal is included.

Snack or breakfast

On our longest flights we also offer a complimentary snack or breakfast.

A wide selection of hot and cold beverages, sandwiches, sweet and savoury snacks and confectionery will be on sale during your flight.

  See our in-flight refreshments menu.


Gourmet and special meals

Enjoy our collection of Gourmet meals from only 16€! Street Food, Spanish tapas, oriental cuisine, treat yourself on your next flight by also making travel your taste buds. Find out more details about Gourmet meals here:
  Discover our Gourmet meals

Do you have gluten intolerance ? Are you vegetarian? We also have what you need. Find out more about our special meals here : 
  Dicover our Special meals