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Terms of use



  1. These Terms and Conditions of use of XL websites and privacy policy n° CUSPC-042014-fpf/EN are hereinafter called the « Conditions of Use ».
  2. XL websites mentioned herein mean XL Airways France S.A. websites such as but not limited to  : www.xl.com/fr, www.xl.com/en, www.xl.com/us.
  3. Use, booking and purchasing through XL websites are provided to eligible recipients with legal capacity (this excludes minors). 
  4. By accessing or using XL Websites or softwares available on XL websites, booking any travel products or services on XL websites, you agree that the Conditions of Use then in force shall apply. 
  5. Additional terms and conditions will apply to your reservation and purchase of travel—related goods and services that you select such as booking of hotel room or car rental. When you select such goods and services, XL website redirects you on our Partner websites. The terms and conditions of the partner will apply.
  6. When you select such goods and services, you agree to abide by the terms and conditions of purchase imposed by this partner with whom you elect to deal. The terms and conditions of the partner will apply in addition to these Conditions of Use.
    1. Any purchase of ticket on XL Airways France schedules flights is governed by the General Conditions of Sale and the General Terms and Conditions of Carriage of XL Airways France.
    2. Hotel bookings, car rental, ski journey, insurance underwriting are governed by the terms and conditions of the partner.
  7. We use our reasonable endeavors to provide powerful and secure information websites. However, when using the internet, you agree that:
    1. XL websites, their servers, or any email shall not be free of viruses or other harmful components,
    2. XL websites may not operate as planned or operate without disruption.
  8. When using XL websites you warrant that you are using an anti-virus software as to protect your equipment, softwares and data of any intrusion, deletion, and/or unwanted access by a third party.


Pursuant to French law 78-17 on Information Technology and Freedoms, customers are notified that their order is processed by a computerized system which stores personal data about them. You can exercise your right to access, delete and amend the data about you by contacting us at the following email address: vosquestions@xl.com 

The data controller is XL Airways France S.A. for air ticket on scheduled flights,
For sale of hotel rooms, car rental, skiing journey or insurance the data controller is the seller.

When purchasing an air ticket, the data are collected

  1. in order to carry out customer management operations (including the processing and performance of orders and the management of outstanding amounts and disputes),
  2. for marketing purposes,
  3. for the purposes of producing statistics, and (iv) to organize competitions, prize draws or promotional operations.

The data necessary to process your order are transferred to our subcontractors and to the authorities that require them. Only the data necessary for the specific purpose are transferred.

Use of data


The information you communicate to us allows us to process and perform your orders. In accordance with Article 32 of the French Law on Information Technology and Freedoms of 6 January 1978, as amended by law 2004-801 of 6 August 2004, the information essential for the processing and performance of orders is indicated with an asterisk.

The other information requested, which is optional, and the information concerning your interests, are included to allow us to get to know our users better and thus improve the services we offer.

Unless you inform us that you do not wish us to, we may communicate information concerning you to companies within our group, in particular our subsidiaries, and also transfer this information to third parties inside or outside of the European Union, such as subcontractors or authorities in the countries of departure or destination, the countries in which you are making a connection or those over which you are flying. For flights to the United States, all the information provided at the time of booking is directly accessible to the American authorities. Other authorities from different countries may also have access to the data about you.

Other countries apart from the United States demand the prior transmission of your personal details. You can obtain more detailed information on these procedures, including the measures in place to protect your personal data, by contacting us.

Thus, the purchase of a flight implies consent to the transfer of your personal data, and those of the people receiving the purchased services, to companies within our group, in particular our subsidiaries, to the airline's subcontractors (including in foreign countries) foreign subsidiaries and to the relevant authorities (including foreign authorities) when required. Failure to provide data, or the provision of inaccurate data, will result in your not be allowed to check in, board or enter your country of destination and we shall bear no liability towards you in this respect.

In accordance with law No. 78-17 of 6 January 1978 on Information Technology, Files and Freedoms, you have the right to access and amend your data and to oppose its transmission. However, this may result in the cancellation of your journey or prevent you from benefiting from the additional services ordered.


We keep data concerning bank cards for the purposes of providing proof in intermediate archives for the period stated in the French Monetary and Financial Code. We have implemented technical measures to prevent illegitimate reuse of these data or any re-identification of the persons concerned.

Communications from XL Airways France

We may, by mail and email and particularly through direct marketing mailing lists, send you information to familiarize you with our services and help you to make better use of them, to inform you of promotional offers and to propose offers from our partners, subject to your prior consent.

Right to object

In accordance with the French Law on Information Technology and Freedoms, you have the right to object to, access, modify, rectify and delete data about you, which you may exercise:

  • Either by sending a letter to XL Airways France at XL Airways France à BP 13760, 95727 Roissy CDG Cedex – France (IF xl Airways France is not the seller, contact the seller)
  • Or by sending an email to the following address: vosquestions@xl.com

To unsubscribe from one of our types of communication, you can also exercise your right to object:

  • By clicking on the link at the bottom of an email from the seller: "If you no longer wish to receive marketing information from the seller, click here". Important: this request will only have been taken into account if a confirmation message has been displayed to that effect. If this is not the case, send an e-mail to the address vosquestions@xl.com, specifying the email address to be unsubscribed. 
  • Directly from the site's "Newsletter" section. This request is taken into account immediately by a robot and is confirmed by an HTML page. If this page is not displayed, it may be that the request has not been taken into account. Web users should then use the "mailto" feature to email vosquestions@xl.com.

If you exercise your right not to be contacted for marketing purposes, we will keep your data for a minimum of three years and will not use them for any purpose other than ensuring that we do not contact you.

If you exercise your right not to be contacted for marketing purposes, we will keep your data for a minimum of three years and will not use them for any purpose other than ensuring that we do not contact you.

Newsletters section

You can amend, delete, update and correct all the information about you on the "Newsletters" page.

The "Newsletters" page of the site allows you to view and modify the contents of your account. You can modify your email address, agree to receive information from the seller or its partners, and update or correct your name, telephone number, date of birth, cell number and full postal address.

My account

The site's "My account" or “My booking” page allows you to view your orders. Your name and the reference of you booking allow you to consult your orders. We recommend that you ensure its confidentiality and to advise us as soon as possible in the event of a breach of security.
If you have any questions or requests concerning the protection of your personal data, in particular the closure of your account, you can send an email via the site's "Contact" section.


Browsing the site may lead to the installation of cookies on your computer. These simplify the process of visiting the site and make browsing more user-friendly.

When you use the services for viewing, selecting or booking journeys on the site, your personal details are sent to the cookie. This information is encrypted and is not accessible in the event of unauthorized use of your computer.

Only the issuer of a cookie can read or modify the information it contains.

You may refuse to have the cookie installed on your computer, but such a refusal may prevent you from accessing certain services on the site, such as the booking service, the purchase of services and access to your account. 

You may prevent cookies from being saved by configuring your browser as follows:

  • If you are browsing the Internet using Internet Explorer 3 or 4 (Microsoft): click on "View", "Internet Options", "Advanced". Of the various notifications that may be activated, the fourth is entitled "Prompt before accepting cookies" and, only on Internet Explorer 4, the fifth is entitled "Disable all cookie use";
  • If you are browsing the Internet using Internet Explorer 3 or 4 (Microsoft): click on "View", "Internet Options", "Advanced". Of the various notifications that may be activated, the fourth is entitled "Prompt before accepting cookies" and, only on Internet Explorer 4, the fifth is entitled "Disable all cookie use";
  • If you are browsing the Internet using Navigator 3 (Netscape): click "Options", "Network Preferences", "Protocols". Of the various notifications that may be activated, the first is entitled "Warn me before accepting a cookie". You will then be notified when a cookie arrives and be able to prevent it from being saved by your browser;
  • If you are browsing the Internet using Communicator (Netscape): click "Edit", "Preferences" and highlight "Advanced". Choose the desired option;
  • If you are browsing the Internet using Firefox (Mozilla): click "Tools", "Options" and select the desired option.

Concerning site visitor statistics, the information stored on users' computer terminals (e.g. cookies), or any other element used to identify users or allowing them to be traced, is kept for a maximum of six months. 
Raw visitor data with an associated identifier are kept for no longer than six months. Beyond this time limit, the data are either deleted or made anonymous. 

Retention period

We only keep your personal data for as long as is necessary to manage our commercial relationship with you. However, some data, which provide evidence of a right or a contract, or which we have a legal obligation to keep, are kept in accordance with the law in force.

Customer data used for marketing purposes are kept for three years after the end of the commercial relationship. Data on prospective customers who are not existing customers are used for marketing purposes and kept for three years from the date of collection or from the date of the last contact initiated by you. 

At the end of this three-year period, we may make contact with the prospective customer again in order to find out whether or not he/she wishes to continue to receive marketing approaches. If no clear positive answer is given by the person in question, his/her data will be deleted or archived in accordance with the provisions in force.

When you exercise your right to access or rectify your data, we may ask you to provide proof of identity, which may then be kept for one year. If you exercise your right to object, this proof of identity will be kept for three years.

Partner sites

You may, using the hyperlinks on the site or having been redirected, access partner sites that are not governed by these data protection provisions. You should therefore examine the rules applicable to the use and disclosure of the information you have provided on these sites.
We do not control such websites and are not responsible for their contents or the privacy or other practices of such websites. 


Any and all intellectual property rights (hereinafter called « intellectual property ») of XL websites as well as their contents are the property of

  1. XL Airways France or
  2. third parties who have granted a license to XL airways France.

The website structure and its contents shall not be reproduced, distributed or published, in whole or in part, by any user of the XL Websites for any purpose without the prior express consent of XL Airways France. As among others and not limited to, French law protects intellectual property rights and in addition to other rights and remedies, any unauthorized use may lead to prosecution.

Hyperlink to any XL website is forbidden unless our prior written consent.