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Travelling with animals


Dogs and cats are welcome on XL Airways flights. Every year, we carry hundreds of our passengers' four-legged friends, and we will be delighted to welcome yours, too! This section contains all the infor-mation you need to organize your animal's transportation in optimum fashion.

Authorised animals, quotas and availability

Only dogs and cats over three months of age are allowed on XL Airways flights. Other animals, whatev-er their size or species, are not permitted.

Because our aircraft are subject to quotas concerning the number of animals they can carry at any one time, you must let us know that you intend to travel with your pet at the time of your reservation by calling our call centre on 0892 692 123 (€0.35/min + cost of a local call). Overseas : call +33 351 86 00 22 If your tickets were purchased on our website or from your travel agent, an animal transport request must be submitted by calling our call center or contacting your travel agent All reservations are subject to availability.

On flights operated on aircraft chartered by XL Airways, the carrying of animals may be limited or even prohibited.

Our advice:
To guarantee that you will be able to travel with your pet, make your reservation via our call centre, by calling 0892 692 123 (€0.35/min + cost of a local call).

Carrying pets in the cabin

Odourless dogs and cats are permitted in the cabin, provided that their weight, combined with the weight of the cage or bag in which they will spend the flight, is less than 7 kg.

They must travel in a closed soft bag that is approved for air travel or in a closed cage approved for air travel, the dimensions of which must not exceed 55 X 40 X 23 cm (21.54 X 15.54 X 9.05 in). When you arrive at the airport, your pet will be weighed in this con-tainer to check that it is within the maximum permissible weight. During the flight, your pet is your re-sponsibility, and must be kept in its container, which must be placed under your seat.

A fee of €50 per journey per animal is charged for travelling with an animal in the cabin.

Guide animals for the blind and partially-sighted are permitted in the cabin regardless of their weight. Such animals travel at their master's feet and are carried free of charge.

Carrying pets in the hold

If your animal weighs more than 7 kg, it will travel in the hold, in a pressurized compartment with venti-lation and heating.

Animals may be carried in the hold subject to their being in a suitable cage, approved for air travel (ma-terials, closing mechanism). For further details, see Regulations and Conditions of Carriage.

A fee of €70 per journey per animal is charged for carrying an animal in the hold.



Identification and vaccination

If you are travelling within the European Union: your pet's electronic chip will be recognized as its means of identification, unless your pet was tattooed before 3 July 2011 and its tattoo is clearly legible. An up-to-date vaccination record for your animal will be requested at check-in.

For all journeys outside of the European Union, your animal must be tattooed and have a passport, an up-to-date vaccination record, a certificate of good health or any other entry/exit document required for the destination country.

You are responsible for obtaining and updating the documents pertaining to your animal.  You will be asked to provide a liability waiver, as well as the veterinary certificates demanded by the countries from which, to which or through which you are travelling.                                  

Our advice:
Contact the consulate of your destination country to find out about the documents needed for your ani-mal to enter the country (vaccinations, specific certificates, quarantine, any restrictions). Check what time your flight arrives at your destination airport. If you arrive late, at the weekend or on a public holi-day, the customs and veterinary services may be closed.

Regulated dogs

In application of French Law No. 99.5 of 6 January 1999, carriage of Category 1 dogs (attack dogs) is forbidden regardless of the method of carriage (hold, freight or cabin).
Concerning the carriage of Category 2 dogs, contact the agriculture or budget ministry of your destina-tion country for information (customs).

Travel cages

To ensure that your pet has a comfortable journey, its travel cage must be properly aerated and be large enough to allow the animal to lie down, turn over and stand up (with its head upright). However, it must not be too large, so as to ensure that your pet is not harmed during handling of the cage.

The travel cage must be approved for air travel, be able to withstand being dropped and have iron clos-ing mechanisms. Wooden cages (hardboard or plywood) and/or cages locked using a padlock are strictly prohibited for carrying pets.
No more than one animal per cage.

The following information must be visibly displayed inside the cage:

  • The name of the animal
  • Its tattoo number
  • The full name, telephone number, home address and destination address of the owner.

Our advice:
Reinforce all the corners of the cage so that the bars do not come loose. For this, you can use masking tape and tie-wraps (e.g. Colson) or hose clamps (e.g. Serflex), which are available in hardware stores.

If the cage does not meet the required standards, the animal will not be carried.

Animals other than dogs or cats

Only dogs and cats over four months of age are allowed on XL Airways flights. Other animals, whatev-er their size or species, are not permitted.


XL Airways France reserves the right to refuse to carry an animal if it considers that the safety of the animal, or that of persons or property, is not guaranteed.
The XL Airways France General Conditions of Carriage apply to your flight. You should read these conditions, which form an integral part of your contract of carriage.