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Checking in at the airport

Punctuality is always a priority for our airline.

To help ensure that your flight can take off on time, please check in before the check-in deadline indi-cated on your travel document. Once this deadline has passed, we will not be able to let you check in.


  • 3 hours before the scheduled take-off time.
  • 3h30 before the scheduled take-off time for flights from/to USA


  • 60 minutes before the scheduled take-off time.

Premium Galaxy class passengers have their own priority check-in desk. The check-in deadline is the same whichever class you are travelling in.


For passengers who checked-in online, just drop your baggage at the designated counters. Traveling light? If you only carry one piece of hand luggage, you may proceed directly to security.
  Find out more about web check-in.