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Baggage allowance

Cabin baggage

In the cabin, for the comfort and safety of all on board, you are only entitled to one article of cabin baggage. This may be accompanied with accessories such as: a handbag, laptop computer, briefcase, coat, etc. And must not exceed 5 kgs with the maximun dimensions as follows: H 55 x W 35 x D 25 cm.

Since January, 31th, 2014, new rules regarding liquids and other items of similar consistency will apply at EU member states' Airports. These rules replace previous rules. Click to read


Checked baggage

On XL Airways France flights, your ticket includes a free baggage allowance.
Beyond that allowance, extra charges will apply.

Any item which does not meet these standards and which is presented for check-in without the airline’s prior agreement will be rejected.


Specific allowances

For infants (0 to 2 years): an allowance of 10 kgs is granted to our youngest travelers, only on scheduled long-haul flights* irrespective of the baggage concept which is applicable. Additionally, a push-chair may be transported free of charge.

*Scheduled flight: Passengers in possession of an electronic ticket with an XL Airways France ticket number.

Carry-on bags should have a maximum length of 22 in, width of 13.8 in and depth of 9.8 in.
For checked luggage, the size limitation is calculated by adding the total outside dimensions of each bag, length + width + height (including all handles, side pockets and wheels). It should not exceed 62.2 in.
Baggage allowance for Medium-haul flights.
Baggage allowance for Long-haul flights.
Baggage allowance for infants:
10 kgs checked baggage on scheduled long-haul flights for passengers holding an electronic ticket with an XL Airways France ticket number (ticket number starting with 473).
No checked baggage on chartered flights, scheduled medium-haul flights, or flights to/from Corsica.
A small baby stroller OR a baby car seat (e.g. Maxi Cosi) may be transported free of charge on all flights. Additional item: USD 68 per leg.
Regardless of the number of pieces, total excess luggage weight may not exceed 100 kgs per passenger.


Items prohibited in baggage

Perishables, funds, foreign currency, jewellery, works of art, precious metals, silverware, valuable clothes, valuables or other precious items, fragile objects, optical or photographic apparatus, equipment or electronic and/or telecommunications equipment, musical instruments, passports and identity documents, samples, business papers, manuscripts or deeds, which are individualised or fungible, etc.
Items liable to be a hazard for the aircraft, people or belongings on board. This concerns in particular those items classified as hazardous materials by the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) and the International Air transport Association (IATA) regulations.

Items whose carriage is prohibited by the laws applicable in the state of scheduled departure, destination, overflight or transit. Items which we reasonably consider due to their weight, their size, their configuration or their fragile or perishable nature, among others, to be unsuitable for transport, in view, among other things, of the type of aircraft used or of the potential danger which they may represent. Full information on such items may be provided on request. Firearms and ammunition apart from firearms intended for hunting or sport: the latter may be admitted as registered baggage, but must be unloaded, suitably packed and with their safety catch on. During check-in, you must declare the presence of such weapons.

The carriage of ammunition is subject to the ICAO and IATA Regulations governing hazardous materials, as indicated above. Collectors’ weapons, swords, knives and other items of that type, are not admissible inside the cabin. They may, however, at our discretion, be accepted in registered baggage.


Medicines and Medical Equipment

How to carry your medicines
In the event of medical treatment necessitating the carriage of syringes (e.g.: insulin treatment, etc.), it is important (due to the European regulations governing cabin baggage) to show to the airport security desk the treating doctor’s named prescription, certifying the need for the Passenger to keep syringes in the cabin, and listing all the treatment items to be carried on the journey (outward flight, foreign stay and return flight), remembering to mention all the medicines, including those which are renewed less frequently.

Travel with medical equipment
For medical equipment (breathing apparatus or other equipment), we request that you provide advance notice to the XL Airways France Customer Relations department. Indeed, certain equipment includes "hidden" hazardous materials which are prohibited in the cabin.

In which baggage should you pack medicines?
Do not risk your medicines getting lost, keep them with you in the cabin. If they are in liquid form (syrups, phials, etc) or paste (ointment, gel, etc.), you must bring your doctor’s prescription showing explicitly the name of the medicines used in order to be permitted to carry them in the cabin.



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